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Creating Content Used To Cause A Feeling of Dread

Get Rid of Stress and Anxiety!

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and anxious every time you sit down to create content for your business?

Do you struggle to come up with original ideas, or worry that your writing will fall flat and fail to convert?

Creating content used to fill me with dread and stress me out.

When I sit down to write or create content the anxiety starts and all I can think of is "What If"
What if - i say it wrong
What if - nobody likes it
What if - I get negative comments
What if - ...
And Nothing Gets Done!

Or the blank mind sets in and I can't think of anything to type or ideas for a content subject.

When I do pick a subject then I start stressing out over picking the right subject, is it relevant, what to research to become knowledgeable, and how much research to do.
And Nothing Gets Done!

The fear of failure was paralyzing me so much that I could hardly get any work done.

I kept searching until I found a method that allows creating all the content I need without the stress and anxiety.

Say Goodbye To The Stress and Anxiety of Content Creation and Enjoy A More Relaxed Work Experience

Create almost any content for your business with ease and no stress.

Step By Step Videos

Discover how to create compelling content with easy-to-follow videos, improving your writing skills and making content creation a breeze.

Crack Writers Block

Say goodbye to writer's block and never struggle to come up with ideas again. Quickly and easily create content for your subscribers with engaging topics.

New Income Streams

Unlock a new source of income by effortlessly creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience increasing actions and conversions.

No Writing

Enjoy the benefits of high-quality content without having to write a single word, freeing up your time and energy for other important tasks.

This Is Why Stress-Free Content Was Created!

stress-free content

There is an easy way to create all the content you need and without the anxiety of coming up with a content subject or the stress of what to say.

The ideas are provided, the words are written and the research has been done.

Now you can create any type of content you want with very little stress or anxiety. Instead of taking days for one piece of content you can put together a weeks worth of content in a day.

What You Will Discover:

How to create high-quality content without the added stress or anxiety.

Are you tired of feeling stressed and anxious every time you need to create content for your business? Do you struggle with writer's block and feel like your creative juices have run dry? 

What if I told you that there is a solution that can help you create profitable content with ease and without the burden of stress? 

Stress-Free Content is here to revolutionize the way you approach content creation, allowing you to effortlessly produce high-quality content that generates traffic, leads, and sales.

stress free content

I've been in your shoes. As a content creator, I know the pressure and stress that comes with producing quality content that drives results. 

It's easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious about meeting deadlines, creating engaging topics, and generating profits from our work. 

That's why we created Stress-Free Content – to help you create high-quality content without the added stress or anxiety.

It's time to say goodbye to stress and hello to success.

Stress-Free Content is the solution for creators like you who want to create fearless, profitable content without sacrificing their mental health.

stress free content

Why create content? Does it really matter?


of company's use content marketing


More leads generated using content marketing


of the top marketers use content to nurture their audience

A Peek Inside

Stress-Free Content Course Modules 

Module 1: Start Here

Gain a competitive edge by consistently delivering valuable content to your audience, establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.

Module 2: What Is PLR?

Save time and effort by leveraging PLR (Private Label Rights) content to create high-quality content quickly and easily.

Module 3: Editing PLR

Discover with a few simple edits how stress-free content creation in multiple formats can be.

Module 4: Profits from Your Content

Maximize your earning potential by monetizing your stress-free content through various channels and platforms.

Module 5: Final Thoughts

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a stress-free solution for consistently producing engaging and valuable content.

Module 6: Resources

Links and products mentioned in the training

Users of Stress-Free Content have reduced  Stress and Anxiety

Stressless Indeed

"I have just finished "the stress free" content course of Max Tietgens. Like the title already said; This one you walk through stressless indeed. 
I do advise to take notes along the way, so you be able to ask questions on parts that are not to clear. Especially if English is not your native language, like me. Because you can ask them and get them answered by filling in a ticket at the support desk at the bottom of the page. You will get an email confirming your requests also.
I had a good experience with this course and learned some extra's to create my own content totally stressless. And of course make extra money with it in less time and being more relaxed. thanks for this Maxx..... Greetings from Anuschka in the Netherlands"

Anuschka Hankas


Double Thumbs Up

I was lucky enough to get early review access to "Stress-Free Content" and what a pleasure it was to review something high-quality in this age of low quality generated content.
Maxx is obviously knowledgeable on the subject, his training is well thought out, professional and nicely polished. It also helps that he has a pleasant voice that makes his videos even easier to enjoy.
If you are new to content creation or just starting to build your business, you cannot go wrong with this course. It's an easy double thumbs up from me.

Riaan Cornelius

Affiliate Marketer

It doesn't get any simpler than that.

Stress Free Content Creation is exactly what it says it is how to create great selling content without stress.
Maxx’s easy to follow videos and relaxed teaching style make this not only easy to follow but is also packed with the information you need to take ANY PLR product and make it your own.
Watch over Maxx’s shoulder and just do what he does. It doesn't get any simpler than that. You can create your own products easily and quickly and of course without stress! It has our seal of approval. Grab this grab a cup of tea and get ready to create your own product.

Robert Corrigan & Barry Joyce

Profits From Prints

I highly recommend grabbing this training ASAP!

I was given early access to Stress-Free Content and loved what I saw.
After looking under the hood of this new product I found that it will help anyone to start creating great content online. The modules are perfect for newbies and are great to remind even seasoned marketers how to remove the stress from their content creation.
I highly recommend grabbing this training ASAP!

Scott Lichau

Digital Entrepreneur

'Stress-Free Content' is a must course to have

If you want to start or enrich your business with PLR, then you MUST check out Maxx Tietgens' 'Stress-Free Content' course. 

In this course, Maxx explains clearly what is PLR, how to use it, how to modify it, where you can find quality PLR, and how you can make money with PLR. Maxx even gives you links to free quality tools. 'Stress-Free Content' is a must course to have.

Julius Neumann

Online Marketer


WoW! The Most Stress-Free Content I have Ever Seen! 

Maxx takes you on a smooth trip down PLR Blvd. 

This is a quality product…And Maxx is the king of SFC!

Richard Sambrano

Private Label Pros


Fast Mover Bonus #1 -
Stress-Free Content Checklist

Easy to follow checklist to help with your content creation and profit generation tasks.

Keep your stress low by just following the steps.

Real Value $97

stress-free content checklist
stress-free content audio files

Fast Mover Bonus #2 -
Stress-Free Content Audio Files

If you are someone who prefers to listen to courses then I have you covered.

Get all the audio files for Stress-Free Content to play on any device that uses MP3 format.

Find the audio file you want with ease because the file labels match the lesson. 

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Fast Mover Bonus #3 -
22 Traffic Getting Videos

Make sure all the great content you will be creating is getting heaps of visitors viewing it.

I have put together 22 videos with traffic getting tips and hacks for you to bring in huge traffic to your content and offers.

Real Value $249

22 traffic getting videos

There Is Absolutely Zero Risk With Our Money Back Guarantee

Your investment is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee

Access Stress-Free Content right now and take it for a 30-day test drive.

Go through the step-by-step videos, check out the resources, download your bonuses and more. If you're not 100% delighted with what I have to share with you then let me know within 30 days, I will return every penny. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

I am taking all the risk on this so you can invest with confidence.

Grab a Huge Discount
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Get Complete Access to Stress-Free Content for only $97 - $12.95

Instant Access - Even if it's 2am
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You are now just one-click away from the Stress-Free Content members area and learning my powerful stress-free content creation methods.

I invite you to try Stress-Free Content today and take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee. If this doesn't work for you, I assure you we will still part as friends.

Click the button above and get started today.

maxx tietgens
stress-free content

Maxx Tietgens

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a newbie can I do this?

Stress-Free Content is simple enough to follow even if your new but has tips and tricks that the more experienced marketers will find helpful.

How soon do I get access?

You get instant access with your completed purchase even if your a night owl and it's 2am.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, after investing in Stress-Free Content if you're not 100% delighted with what I have to share with you then let me know within 30 days, I will return every penny. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

What if I need support?

There are several ways to submit a support request and I take pride in getting you the help you need to achieve success.

Why do I need to create content?

All marketing requires some form of content to interact with your audience. You need to get your message out to bring the customers in.

Will I make money with this?

I can't guarantee you will make money (states the lawyers) but if you follow the steps and implement the strategies you can generate income.

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